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We are very proud to have Mountain Brewing Company brewing fantastic beers right here at Klipbokkop using our prestine sandstone water.

Here are a few photos of the launch on March 8th.

Remember to come visit and taste the beers. Are pub are also now open for meals over the weekends.

Phone to make a reservation.

For more information, please visit the Mountain Brewing Company's Website and read the article in the April edition of Hungup Magazine.

Cilmor Winery enjoying their year-end function at Klipbokkop.

Imperial College London

Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve offered British students with one of the best introductions to the excitement, challenges and opportunities for biological research and conservation in Africa.

Now that we are all back home, I just wanted to take this opportunity on behalf of our group to say a huge thank you to you and all the team at Klipbokkop. The time spent there exceeded all of my hopes and expectations, and many of the boys have commented that their favourite part of the trip was whist we were with you. I cannot thank you enough for looking after us so well, and for making us feel so welcome.

Martyn Powell | St Paul's School, London, UK

During a recent visit by students from the St. Paul School of London, they were introduced to some of the variety of fauna and flora of the Cape Floristic Kingdom at Klipbokkop. With the guidance of Gerhard Groenewald and his team, they explored some of the different scenarios and terrains at Klipbokkop.

Anita Meyer from Cape Leopard Trust Boland Projects, gave a talk during their first evening and the students walked with her the next morning, to visit some of the fixed cameras and was very excited to find the evidence of spoor, scats and pictures of the first leopard cub ever recorded by these cameras at Klipbokkop.

During the second afternoon, well-known herpetologist Marius Burger, accompanied the students on a walk in the mountains where they went in search of lizzards, etc. Marius gave a talk during the evening and encouraged the guys to follow their dreams and all to become herps. Soccer fever also ran high and the boys used every opportunity to kick ball, with our local “Bafana Bafana” players, Hendrik and Erik. ((We had a wonderful time showing you around and hope to have you back soon.